Two tiny announcements

(…which may not mean much, but I thought I’d mention them anyway.)
First up, I’ve just reprinted the ever-popular Spandex 1. It’s kind-of the same as the previous version, but I have made a few tiny tweaks to the editorial bits to remove mentions of the Spandex book I originally planned. (The original plan, if you remember, was to just print up Spandex 1, and then the rest of the series would go into a book that I was going to publish myself. Everything changed – but the original plans were mentioned in previous editions of Spandex 1, which would have been very misleading for new readers!)

Secondly, the mini-comics that came with Spandex issue 6 are now available to read on this website (look for the tabs on the left). I’ll be reprinting Spandex 6 soon, and amending mentions of them in the editorial there. Originally, the mini-comics were given away free with Spandex 6, but after cutting out and stapling approximately 900 of them, I cannot do any more! (I don’t know how other small-pressers do it!) The Spandex Packs will now only contain the original issues rather than all the extras, which will make my life a lot easier.
I’ll also put the Spandex 5 mini-manga comic on the website, and all the Spandex 7 mini-artbook pages are all scattered around on this website.

Podcast book reviewwww

There’s a very nice Spandex book review on the SILENCE podcast… Thanks guys! I like this bit: “…The sexy bits are really scary, the scary bits are really scary, and the sad bits where people get killed and stuff are like ‘oh my god’…”
It’s a cool podcast (the Spandex review is at about 30 minutes), it’s here:

Spandex badges

I’ve just printed up a fresh set of Spandex badges! There are 10 designs – 8 old favourites and 2 brand new ones! The 2 new ones are a scary Gayzilla badge and a rainbow/team badge.
final badges 2014

If you’d like a full set of these, you can get them for just £2 through Paypal here!

O Men badges are also available, and if you’d like a full set of these 10 designs, you can grab them via Paypal here!

badges copy

MCM Expo!

On Saturday/Sunday, I’ll be doing my first comic convention of the year – the MCM Expo at London’s Excel Centre! I’ll have all the Spandex issues there, plus the brand new collection of The O Men – Book Three! Plus… O Men badges! I’m on Table CQ10, wherever the hell that is!

badges copy

Spandex 3 on Comixology today!

Hoorah – Spandex 3 is finally available on Comixology! It’s a self-contained story called ‘If You Were the Last Person on Earth’ and it is quite a personal story to me. It received some great reviews when I first self-published it a couple of years ago, and if you’ve never checked Spandex out before, it’s a good one to try out!


New Diva pic

diva in clouds copy

Spandex on Comixology!

Exciting news! My comics, Spandex and The O Men are coming to Comixology! Yep, on Wednesday 26 March, you should be able to find Spandex Issues 1 & 2 and The O Men Book 1 on the Comixology app/website! (Unless they get banned by Apple!) Spandex 1 contains commentaries/extras, and 2 is a whopping 70 pages long as it also includes the ‘Japandex’ project, featuring work from Philippa Rice, Paul Rainey, Roger Mason and lots more!


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