Hello world

Hello Spanfans!

Just a quick message to say thanks so much for the nice messages etc!

I’m going to go back to print on the first issue tomorrow as things have gone crazy and I’m running low on copies! So please, please bear with me, and everyone who has ordered the comic will get their copy very, very soon, with a li’l doodle from me, I promise!!!!



8 Responses

  1. […] Created by artist Mark Eden (who created The O Men), the Brighton, U.K.-set troupe of superheroes is, to our knowledge, the first all-queer team of crime fighters. The first issue, The Attack of the 50-Foot Lesbian is on-sale and has already required another printing. […]

  2. thanks thats great my partner will be very excited christmas morningx

  3. Пидорасы бля!!!

    • Can anyone speak… is this Greek? Russian? God I’m so thick

      • Russian. And according to Google translate I don’t think this person will be buying many copies, sorry… but I’m just about to buy two 🙂

  4. […] book that chronicles the adventures of the world’s first team of gay superheroes. Word is that Spandex, “follows the adventures of Liberty (glamorous transvestite superhero), Diva (a lesbian Wonder […]

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