This is the first Japandex art-piece I received, so Cosmo gets the honour of being the first to get shown!
…I met Cosmo at last year’s Birmingham comic con – I was actually doing portfolio sessions for my day job. His artwork is beautiful and the colouring is breath-taking – especially for me, I love blues and purples, and he uses a lot of those (so I loved the idea of him drawing Indigo).
When I came up with the idea to do Japandex, Cosmo was one of the first people I approached, and apparently this took him just a day to create – blimey!
Most people who have seen it absolutely love this pic – myself included.
If you’d like to know more, check out http://www.comicspace.com/cosmo/ and you can contact the man himself at cosmowhite@googlemail.com if you would like him to draw for you.

A quick Japandex note: I have around 20 artists working on drawings, but it’d be really nice to fill up the entire month of June. If you’d like to get involved I still have about 10 places left – please drop me a line at martrpeden@yahoo.co.uk

Tomorrow/2 June:


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