Japandex Day Three!

Like Cosmo White, I met Stephen at the Birmingham comic con last year. My god, this man should be working at DC or Marvel NOW!!!! His artwork is amazing, very fresh, very detailed, pure genius.
I asked Stephen to have a go at this particular pic – it’s a take on one of the movie posters for Seven Samurai which I had on my wall for quite a while – gorgeous colours. I love what Stephen did with it.
Stephen did a graphic novel with Insomnia, called Cancertown, and he’s providing art for a Torchwood Magazine comic story – issue 23, which will be out in August. But I think the world needs to see more of his artwork, definitely.
You can see Stephen’s portfolio here http://stephendowney.carbonmade.com/projects/2275828 and contact him here stephendowneyonline@hotmail.com.

(Still room to join in on Japandex if you want to! It’d be nice to fill the month of June, so I’d need about 10 more people. Go on, give it a go! Artists of any standard are most welcome!!)


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