Japandex Day 10

What can I say about Paul Rainey? Well, first up, he’s not a colleague of mine! He’s a friend I met through various comic conventions over the years, and our friendship has ‘blossomed’ into sharing comic con tables and being comic con travel buddies (don’t ask about the ‘KFC incident’ and when I almost killed us both on the motorway journey to Leeds).
Paul has been doing his own comics for years and years. He did stuff like Memory Man, and more recently he published his first book, the Book of Lists, which is a laugh-a-minute look at the awkwardness of life (including tips on snubbing a colleague on the stairwell). He did a very funny strip, ‘Telephone Thing’, about a guy who starts dating a sexline lady, and he also did a ‘2000AD prog slog’, where he read and reviewed every issue of 2000AD. He’s currently bringing his epic series, There’s No Time Like The Present, to an end, with the final issue due out soon.
If you see him at a comic con, buy stuff, cos it’s so funny and you won’t regret it. Alternately, you can order stuff through here: http://www.pbrainey.com/
I liked seeing Paul’s version of Neon – good package, Paul!


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