Japandexbot by Mark McKenzie-Ray

Mark is another of my colleagues! He sits opposite me and we are both huge comic fans and Mark is an aspiring artist who is starting to draw more and more.
Mark worked on this for me and I absolutely love it – and it’s the kind of thing that I could never really draw myself, as I am allergic to rulers and technical drawing. I think this pic sums up what I like most about Japandex – it’s clever (it’s fun working out which limb corresponds to which team-mate), it’s good, it’s cheeky – it sums up Japandex pretty well.
Thanks Mark!
Okay, I wanted to wrap up Japandex on Wednesday (last day of the month) as I don’t want to become a Facebook irritant – but I had a couple of late entries worth waiting for, so it might go on for a couple more days… Stay tuned!!!


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