Spandex 3 in the shops

Tons of Spandex Comics are now in Orbital Comics in London! I do love that place. They’ve got issue 3 and all the other issues, plus my hand-crafted Spandex Packs with badges and cards!
Copies of all these are also winging their way to Forbidden Planets all over the UK and also Dave’s Comics in Brighton!


3 Responses

  1. Did they sell out already? I was at Orbital on Sunday, spent a goodly amount of time there, looked for Spandex but didn’t find it. Of course, I never actually asked for it (my bad).

    • Hi
      I doubt they have sold out just yet – they might be in the indie comics spinner rack halfway down the shop. If you can’t see it, ask one of the staff-members in there, they are so lovely.

      • I won’t be in London again for a couple of months, so that’ll have to wait. But I did look at all the indie comics spinners (not thoroughly but I did have a good look) so maybe they were sold out. Stranger (and worse) things have been known to happen!

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