Spandex in the Spirit of Hope anthology

There’s a special Spandex story in this!! It’s available for pre-order now:

Britain’s Comic Book Alliance will publish Spirit of Hope this month – a stunning-looking anthology featuring work by almost 100 comic creators in aid of survivors of the Tsunami and earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand which happened earlier this year.

One Response

  1. Martin, just like the Too much sex and violence book, I would love to get this in pdf format or digital format from you. Would love to see your short story of Neon in this book or any contribution to this book you have done. Any way you have it to offer? I would buy it from you through paypal to get the shorty story in this and also the Too much sex and violence stuff as well. Is there any possible way. And yes, I am now a junkie or a fiend for anything Martin Eden does!!! lol! Its just such an addicting style he has like Mike Mignola’s. I try to consume it all if it’s Mignolas stuff or Martin Eden’s stuff! LOL!!!

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