Comic Heroes Mag reviews Spandex!

Brilliant Spandex review in the new Comic Heroes Magazine! 4 out of 5! ‘They make strange decisions and have hectic lovelives, and, as a result, the characters are among the realest superheroes around’


3 Responses

  1. I was dead chuffed for you when I saw this.

    Well done, Martin. Well deserved.

  2. Comic Heroes is great, but it only comes to where I live sporadically. I got the special at Barnes and Noble, then the first isue, the second issue never came, and the third one they ever got there (don’t know if it’s the third issue) is the “Batman special”, though the magazine itself has a Walking Dead cover. This is the issue currently there.

    I know it’s a British magazine and I live in California, but Wizard doesn’t exist anymore. It’s literally the only comics magazine (well, for new comics, since Back Issue is still around) that comes to where I live. It’s disappointing because I do love reading comics, but would prefer a magzine which comes to the area regularly and doesn’t just assume all its readers are intimately familiar with Judge Dredd (which is the impression I get from Comic Heroes–I have read exactly one Judge Dredd story and the Judges are barely in it).

    But it’s awesome you got an article in the magazine. Hopefully I’ll sometime get a chance to buy the thing.

    • it’s a great mag, but very hard to find – a low print-run, i think.
      i wish it had more reviews like the amazing Comics International used to!

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