Issue 5 free gifts! Woo hoo!


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  1. It looks fun. And now I know some of the names of characters I didn’t know before. You sure have a lot of characters in your universe (which is fun). I’m especially intregued by Dummy.

    This makes me think of the program Comic Collector from My penchant to make lists and catalogue drove me to get it. When I went on, I found Spandex #1-3 (4 may be on there, but I don’t know, because I created my own entry for it on my computer). The odd thing, though, is that it lists the comic as a black and white comic. Now, I’m quite sure my eyes can discern color from not, and that Spandex is actually a full-color comic (well, issue 3 has a substantial amount of black and white/greyscale, but that’s plot-relevent). I wonder who put up the entries, then. Actually, it also says the publisher is “Self-Published”, which is definitely an okay category, but I would think that they could have just put “Martin Eden” in there, so one could differentiate between self-published comics.

    But with the information in that picture, I can actually better update the entries on my computer at least (because the program also lists character appearances).

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