Trading cards

Here’s more of a close-up of the Spandex trading cards – I’ll be giving one away free with issue 5 to every reader!

There are 64 in all, but I’ve only shown 48 here – the final 16 are a bit spoiler-y!


3 Responses

  1. You know, more people should make trading cards as actual trading cards. Everybody wants comic cards to be a ame now, whic seveely depletes what they used to do (provide stats and backstory on the back with a good picture on the front).

    I remember when I was a kid having Marvel cards (Fleer? I don’t know the company per se) which, if you had all of them in chronological order, would cause every page in your binder to have one large image, since the protective plastic sheets hold nine cards apiece. I never got a full pag, but we did have some lines completed, and it was fun to see how they’d fit together. Funny thing is, I think pogs killed the traditional comic card, and nobody plays with thos things anymore.

    I can’t wait for the issue, though. Th cards are just added fun, as I am aching to read what happens next.

    • I freaking hate my computer’s inability to recognize every keystroke when I’m on Internet Explorer. You know, I have a BA in English and despise making typos. But I look at my keyboard instead of the screen when I type and some will slip by, like above. Hopefully you can still understand what words I was trying to write in those instances.

  2. hehe don’t worry, i know what you mean and can read it fine.
    The trading cards are just a li’l but of fun – nothing too extravagant. if I was rich, i’d probably have them all build up a ‘giant lesbian’ picture on the back!

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