Spandex at the MCM Expo convention!

I’ll be at the MCM Expo convention in the Docklands this Saturday and Sunday selling Spandex issues, including the brand new issue 5 (with the trading card and free mini-comic) and Spandex Packs too (issues 1 to 5). I will also have some  groovy flyers to give away (see them here) and Prowler will be there too (sort of, lol!). I’ll be on table C8 so come and say hi!

If you can’t make it, don’t worry, I’ll also be at the Comica con and Leeds Thought Bubble in November too!



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  1. Yeah, I’m an American. I won’t be able to be at any of them. Heck, I can’t even go to any of the cons on my coast (though I would love to go to San Diego Comic Con someday). No vehicle or money and they’re all expenive just to travel to (transportation and hotel rooms, because I live in true northern California, which is nowhere near the places), let alone to save money for vendors.

    But at least I have a subscription now. I can just wait for it in the mail, though I’ll be frustrated in the interragenum as you’ll be posting the reviews on this site and I won’t have been able to read it yet. Oh well, I’m sure you guys get pretty frustrated with the America-centric nature of mainstream comics.

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