Issue 5 on sale now!

Issue 5 is now on sale! You can order it direct from me (see the column on the left)! Don’t forget, it comes with a cool little trading card and a mini-manga comic starring The J-Team!
It’s also now available in Gosh Comics and Orbital Comics in London – thanks so much to Camila and Karl at Orbital, and Julia at Gosh for being so lovely and helpful!


3 Responses

  1. Well, I know I don’t have to order mine, because of my subscription, but it’s nice to see it up for sale. Now, if only mail from England to the US didn’t take so long…

  2. I got it today, and it was fun! I loved the exploration of Liberty as a character, and it had a very shocking development (which I will not spoil for those who haven’t read it), Darn you for making me hold out until the next issue! That twist really makes me want to read more.

    I also liked all the cameos. I think this was maybe a couple characters shy of having them all (including those who are dead). It’s also fun to see the stuff at the end advertising it as a big crossover event (nice jab at those companies who try to have a big crossover every year). Heck, you even included a shocking chaacter death, like all such crossovers need.

    Issue 6 can’t come soon enough.

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