Spandex 6 cover!

Here is the cover to Spandex #6, which is out late next month (hopefully!). Originally, I was going to go with that Diva-boobs pic I posted up a couple of weeks ago, but I decided to go for something more subtle. Simple but effective, I hope! The issue will shock you, I’m not kidding  😮


An ad

I made this ad for a friend’s comic, and I quite liked it, so I’m showing it here!

Spandex Book!

Titan Books are going to be publishing a Spandex graphic novel this Summer! They will be releasing a hardback collection of the first three issues – at U.S. comic-book size! It’s already listed on Amazon (it’s been there for a while, but I didn’t want to say anything until I signed the contract!). Exciting!!!!

CHERRY BLOSSOM GIRL mini-comic preview

It’s Day Three of exciting Spandex Announcements Week! Today, here’s some preview art from T’Sao Wei’s Cherry Blossom Girl mini-comic (free with Issue Six). I have to say, I had an idea in mind for the look of this comic, and Wei has surpassed all my expectations! Please check his website out, and in particular the 10-page preview of his upcoming new comic, Windrush!


HAG preview

It‘s Day Two of exciting Spandex Announcements Week! Today, have a look at preview artwork for Garry McLaughlin’s HAG mini-comic (the final comic will be black and white, but this is a colour preview image). I’ve seen the art and it is coooool (and gory!).

Interview with me – with cool animation!!

My very talented photographer/film-making friend Angie Thomas has made this for me! Cool! Makes me want a Spandex animated series! Have a look here:

Bear Man & Twinkle mini-comic – sneak peek!

Here’s a sneaky peek from the upcoming Bear Man & Twinkle mini-comic – written by moi, and drawn by the uber-talented Rob Wells!