Spandex 6 cover!

Here is the cover to Spandex #6, which is out late next month (hopefully!). Originally, I was going to go with that Diva-boobs pic I posted up a couple of weeks ago, but I decided to go for something more subtle. Simple but effective, I hope! The issue will shock you, I’m not kidding  😮

An ad

I made this ad for a friend’s comic, and I quite liked it, so I’m showing it here!

Spandex Book!

Titan Books are going to be publishing a Spandex graphic novel this Summer! They will be releasing a hardback collection of the first three issues – at U.S. comic-book size! It’s already listed on Amazon (it’s been there for a while, but I didn’t want to say anything until I signed the contract!). Exciting!!!!

CHERRY BLOSSOM GIRL mini-comic preview

It’s Day Three of exciting Spandex Announcements Week! Today, here’s some preview art from T’Sao Wei’s Cherry Blossom Girl mini-comic (free with Issue Six). I have to say, I had an idea in mind for the look of this comic, and Wei has surpassed all my expectations! Please check his website out, and in particular the 10-page preview of his upcoming new comic, Windrush!


HAG preview

It‘s Day Two of exciting Spandex Announcements Week! Today, have a look at preview artwork for Garry McLaughlin’s HAG mini-comic (the final comic will be black and white, but this is a colour preview image). I’ve seen the art and it is coooool (and gory!).

Interview with me – with cool animation!!

My very talented photographer/film-making friend Angie Thomas has made this for me! Cool! Makes me want a Spandex animated series! Have a look here:

Bear Man & Twinkle mini-comic – sneak peek!

Here’s a sneaky peek from the upcoming Bear Man & Twinkle mini-comic – written by moi, and drawn by the uber-talented Rob Wells!

Some details on Issue 6…

Issue six is part 3 of the OMFG storyline and we find out all about Diva – oh yes! It’s a shocker!
PLUS: The issue comes with three amazing free mini-comics – all written by moi, but with different artists! There’s:
– BEAR MAN & TWINKLE with art by Rob Wells (
– HAG with art by Garry McLaughlin (
– CHERRY BLOSSOM GIRL with art by T’sao Wei (!
It will be COOL! Hopefully it’ll be out for the Superhero Con in late Feb, we’ll see!!

The Eagle Awards!

Voting has started for this year’s Eagle Awards (big UK comic awards thingy). If you’d like to vote for Spandex (maybe in #14, Favourite British Colour Comic) I’d be very grateful! You can vote through here:
Thank youuuu!