Some details on Issue 6…

Issue six is part 3 of the OMFG storyline and we find out all about Diva – oh yes! It’s a shocker!
PLUS: The issue comes with three amazing free mini-comics – all written by moi, but with different artists! There’s:
– BEAR MAN & TWINKLE with art by Rob Wells (
– HAG with art by Garry McLaughlin (
– CHERRY BLOSSOM GIRL with art by T’sao Wei (!
It will be COOL! Hopefully it’ll be out for the Superhero Con in late Feb, we’ll see!!

2 Responses

  1. When I was little and first creating superheroes, I created a superhero named Bear Man, and he lives on in altered form today in the comics I’ve been trying to do. I just find it funny that I have a character named as such and a comic I follow has a character who used to be named as such. Of course at the time I had a character named the Wild Man Thing, before I found out Marvel had a Man-Thing (I wasn’t really reading back-issues and Marvel wasn’t really doing anything with Man-Thing in the 90s), so coincidences just happen.

    And on an unrelated note, I thought you might be interested in knowing that I created a wiki some time ago about transgender and intersex superheroes ( and created a profile for Liberty. However, I know it is not completely accurate, because I haven’t really read the O Men. Therefore, the profile doesn’t really take that portion of Liberty’s history into affect. But I also plan on putting up a profile for Nadir, and maybe some of the other Spandex characters (it gets harder to tell which ones fit if they haven’t had much screentime).

    But I can’t wait for issue 6! It should be fun. Plus, after the ending of issue 5, I NEED to know what happens in 6.

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