Meet the Spandex #6 Mini-Comics Artists, Part 1!

I really enjoyed working on the Spandex #6 bonus mini-comics with the three artists, and I thought it would be fun to find out more about them and their comics work! We’ll be meeting T’Sao Wei and Rob Wells next week, but kicking things off we’ve got a mini-interview with the artist who drew the Hag mini-comic, Mr GARRY MCLAUGHLIN!

Martin: Can you talk a little bit about yourself and the comics you’ve produced?
Garry: I’ve been working in indie comics for about three years, mainly working with Jamie McMorrow on the Year of Fear horror series, and with Jules Boyle on the lovely ‘Junkie Dad’ which was published in the now-defunct Wasted comic, published by Alan Grant.

What are your favourite comics of all time?
The hardest question of all I think. Grant Morrison’s run on New X-Men was the moment when my mainstream and slightly leftfield tastes collided in a beautiful way. I love The Invisibles, it’s basically like my bible and I don’t understand when people tell me it’s fiction… And ‘All-Star Superman’ is the single best run of superhero comics ever. But wait – that’s all Morrison…
I also love Charles Burns’ ‘Black Hole’ and ‘X’ed Out’ – twisted paranoid Tintin is always fun – I think ‘Phonogram – The Singles Club’ is beautiful, and I just recently finished ‘The Incal’, by Jodorowsky and Moebius, which has taken pride of place as my all-time favourite comic. It’s a completely over-the-top, ridiculous masterpiece.

What comics are you reading at the moment?
I’m reading a lot of small press just now. ‘Too Much Sex and Violence’, ‘The Abnormals’, ‘The Standard’ and of course ‘Spandex’ are taking up more of my reading time than DC and Marvel these days. I’ve just ordered a bunch of comics from indie creators in Glasgow and further afield, and it’s really exciting because you never quite know what to expect, and I’m always thrilled by the quality. Mainstream-wise, I love Wolverine and the X-Men, which is a great direction for the X-Universe, but I’m already fatigued by the Avengers vs X-Men thing and it hasn’t even started yet.
And of the New 52 over at DC, Scott Synder’s Batman is incredible, Jeff Lemire’s Animal Man is also amazing, but I’m worried about the tendency towards crossovers that’s already emerging in the 52. I may be reaching mainstream saturation point. Having said that, Image Comics’ line up for the next year looks incredible.

How did you find your experience of the Spandex universe (i.e., working on the mini-comic)?
It was really hard work, Martin is a hard taskmaster, and he’s always pushing for more, make it better, I want more detail… No, I jest, it was a breeze, and an honour to get a script (even a mini-one) from Martin; he’s really easy to work with, and you can tell he just really enjoys it. I love the Spandex universe, I particularly like that the series (which ostensibly just follows the Spandex team) has already started to portray this massive, textured universe. So working on “extended universe” stuff like the Hag comic was a real thrill.

What comics are you working on at the moment and where can we see your work?
I’ve just finished two comics that are now available – ‘Good Cop Bad Cop’ by Jim Alexander is available through Black Hearted Press, an indie publisher in Glasgow ( <> ) and ‘Taking Flight’ by Stephen Sutherland, available through our own Laser Age imprint ( <> ).
Then I’m moving onto a 60 page original graphic novel with John Lees of ‘The Standard’ fame, called Black Leaf, and I’m part of a super-secret Scottish project, codenamed Project Lazarus, which I can’t talk about under fear of death 🙂 I’m also plotting a book of my own, that I intend to write and draw, but that’ll be for next year. My work is available on my portfolio: <> .