Meet the Spandex #6 Mini-Comics Artists, Part 2!

Here’s a mini-interview with the man behind the Bear-Man & Twinkle mini-comic, Mr ROBERT WELLS!!

Martin: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and the comics you’ve produced?
Rob: I’ve been writing and drawing comics on and off – mostly off – since the early 1990s.  My comics include Crisp Biscuit, Crisp, The Devil’s Daughter, Colin Comix, and last year – my most productive year ever – I published the first issue of a comic called Crisp Biscuit Comics.

What are your favourite comics of all time?

My favourite comic of all time is probably Love and Rockets, and I particularly love Gilbert’s stories from the 1980s, like Heartbreak Soup and Human Diastrophism. I also love the Lee/Ditko issues of Spider-Man, the Lee/Kirby issues of the Fantastic Four, Frank Miller’s run on Daredevil, Alan Moore’s run on Swamp Thing, Eightball, Chester Brown’s ‘The Playboy’, and I have a real soft spot for Marvel Comics from the 1970s (X-Men, Marvel Team-Up, Marvel Two-In-One, etc.), as they were what got me hooked in the first place (along with British humour comics like Buster, Monster Fun, Topper, etc.).

What comics are you reading at the moment?

All sorts of stuff but, apart from self-published comics like Spandex and Too Much Sex & Violence, I tend not to buy ‘floppies’ anymore and buy graphic novels instead. I am currently enjoying Love & Rockets: New Stories (of course), Locke & Key, Scalped, Ganges by Kevin Huizenga, and I was enjoying Jonah Hex until DC revamped it as part of their New 52 thing. I am also trying to get into Manga.

I am also buying collections of older material, and am particularly keen on picking up more collections of classic American newspaper strips. Last year I started buying Fantagraphics’ recent reprints of E.C. Segar’s Popeye strips, which are just brilliant, and I just bought a big collection of Little Orphan Annie strips, which I am really looking forward to reading.

How did you find your experience of the Spandex universe (i.e., working on the mini-comic)?
I really enjoyed it. I love Spandex, so I was thrilled to be asked, and these strips were a lot of fun to draw. I’ve drawn several things for other writers recently, after years of plodding away in isolation, and have found it quite a rewarding experience.

What comics are you working on at the moment and where can we see your work?
I am working on several things at the moment. I have drawn pages for the first three issues of Rol Hirst’s Too Much Sex & Violence and I am working on another comic written by Rol called Department of the Peculiar, which I started drawing months ago but I’m still not quite halfway through the first issue (of two) because I keep getting distracted by other things. Those other things include lots of short humour strips – I have enough now for another issue of Crisp Biscuit Comics, so #2 should be out very soon, along with a new printing of #1 – and some illustration work.

Apart from paid work, my priority at the moment is finishing Department of the Peculiar, but once that is done I have a longer story of my own I want to start work on, a humorous (I hope) comic about my health called ‘The Embarrassing Body’. My work can be found online at <> and <> , in the pages of Too Much Sex & Violence and Crisp Biscuit Comics, and today I found out that a strip I drew last year, written by Paul Rainey, is going to be published in #6 of Strip Magazine!