A project worth checking out and supporting!

My friend Wei, the artist who did issue 6’s Cherry Blossom Girl mini-comic, is seeking funding for his new comic project Windrush. The first issue came out earlier this year, and it is amazing – and it’s only going to get better! If you fancy supporting something interesting, please give it a go! (You basically pay money for stuff you will actually receive!) http://www.indiegogo.com/windrush

Spandex in Comic Heroes Magazine!

There’s a gorgeous 2-page feature on Spandex in the brand new issue of Comic Heroes Magazine – out today! I ♥ it!

Spandex = 9 out of 10 on the Starburst website!

‘…Clever, funny, sexy and gripping. Variety is the spice of life. And Spandex is very spicy…’

Woooo! Check it outttt: http://www.starburstmagazine.com/reviews/comic-reviewscomics-a-graphic-novels/2348-comic-review-spandex-1-6

Press for the Spandex book

I forgot to mention some cool press stuff on here! The Spandex book was featured in The Guardian’s Guide magazine a couple of Saturdays ago – so cool!

Then there was a feature in The Croydon Guardian, and today the Scottish List magazine has a feature on their website (http://www.list.co.uk/article/41701-artist-martin-eden-on-lgbt-comic-spandex/) and it should be in their physical edition soon – woo hooo!

How to get the Spandex book!

I just realised I haven’t really written much about the Spandex book on here! So…

Not a dream, not a hoax – Titan Books are publishing Spandex! ‘Spandex: Fast and Hard’ goes on sale on 25th May! It collects the first 3 issues of the series in a glossy hardback US-size book – so that’s about 114 colour pages!  I’ve got an advance copy and I love it!!!

You can either get it from:

Titan Books http://titanbooks.com/spandex-fast-and-hard-6156/

Amazon UK or US



Or from all good comic and book shops (ie, not the crap ones ha ha)!

Issue 6 review on Broken Frontier website!

Lovely review of Issue 6 on the Broken Frontier website, here!

Extract: ‘Martin Eden had expended this issue’s WTF?-quota, however, you get to this issue’s final page and the whoa-didn’t-see-that-coming factor is ramped up into overdrive…’

(Also, do check out Mardou’s ‘Sky in Stereo’ comic if you can – it’s awesome)

Thanks to Andy Oliver!

Geek Syndicate review

‘The killer ending is one of the most interesting and shocking twists I have seen in a comic for quite some time…’ Cool review of Issue 6 at Geek Syndicate, check it out here! Thanks to Luke Halsall!

Issue 6 review on the Comics Bulletin website!

Lovely review of Spandex Issue 6 at the Comics Bulletin website. It’s here, but here is a short extract: ‘This is one ballsy, gutsy comic. It’s the kind of thing that Grant Morrison used to do back when he still knew how to write comics, and it’s exciting to see a creator still taking risks with the genre…’