How to get the Spandex book!

I just realised I haven’t really written much about the Spandex book on here! So…

Not a dream, not a hoax – Titan Books are publishing Spandex! ‘Spandex: Fast and Hard’ goes on sale on 25th May! It collects the first 3 issues of the series in a glossy hardback US-size book – so that’s about 114 colour pages!  I’ve got an advance copy and I love it!!!

You can either get it from:

Titan Books

Amazon UK or US

Or from all good comic and book shops (ie, not the crap ones ha ha)!


Issue 6 review on Broken Frontier website!

Lovely review of Issue 6 on the Broken Frontier website, here!

Extract: ‘Martin Eden had expended this issue’s WTF?-quota, however, you get to this issue’s final page and the whoa-didn’t-see-that-coming factor is ramped up into overdrive…’

(Also, do check out Mardou’s ‘Sky in Stereo’ comic if you can – it’s awesome)

Thanks to Andy Oliver!