More Les Girlz art!

More Les Girlz pics by the amazing Nigel Dobbyn


New Spandex art!

Beautiful pic of Miss Alicia (Pussy) by artist Nigel Dobbyn. Nigel is s hugely talented artist and drew one of my all-time favourite 2000AD stories, Medivac 318 (and has done loads since)! You can see his stuff here:

Exclusive Spandex news!

The lovely people at the Forbidden Planet International blog have posted an exclusive thingy about Spandex 7 and also The O Men Book Two!


Spanfan strip!

A longtime reader of my stuff and chum Steven Newbold has created this lovely mini-Diva story. So cute!!! Thanks Steven! And please check out Steven’s stuff here

Comic Heroes Poster

Here is a better image of the Comic Heroes Mag poster art!

Spandex takes over Comic Heroes Magazine!

The new Comic Heroes Magazine is out, and it’s got a GIANT Spandex poster in it (I drew it especially for them!), plus a 7-page extract from the book and a 4-star review!!! I feel very lucky! Thanks to the lovely chaps on the mag.

Comics Blend review

Nice review here!

‘…  Take Peter David’s clever mix of adventure, inter-team romance and satiric humor in X-Factor then shower it with glitter, more sex, turn up the camp and you have Spandex. These scantily clad heroes are great fun but the more I read the more I felt for them…’