New interview!

New interview stuff! There’s a podcast interview with me by one of the Ain’t It Cool News writers here:
It covers loads of stuff, and is quite a nice chat!
A transcript of the interview (quite a long read!) is up on the AICN website:

Martin’s Manga

I wrote an article on the ‘Following the Nerd’ website! It’s about my favourite manga – here it is!

Book review on Shadowlocked

Aw what a nice review here: ‘…Martin Eden brings some freshness to graphic novels in Spandex’

Unwinnable interview!

Interview with me on the Unwinnable site about Negative comments, the inspiration for Nadir, my thoughts on the X-Men gay wedding issue, and lots more!

Span-Diego Comic Con!

My good chum Hannah is at the San Diego Comic Con with some signed/sketched copies of Spandex! So if you are based in America and happen to be at the Con, please go along and say hi and check the book out!

Forces of Geek interview

Interview with me on the Forces of Geek website on the future of Spandex/O Men and my fave music, comics and TV!

Gay Superheroes Blog

I wrote a li’l thing about gay superheroes on the i09 blog!


Review Round-up!

A few reviews popped up over the weekend!

Den of Geek wrote a nice long review, 4 out of 5, ‘incredibly refreshing’.

Review on ‘Decapitated Dan’s’ horror site! ‘…I enjoyed the living hell out of it!’, 4.5 out of 5!

Primary Ignition website gives the Spandex book 8.5 out of 10! ‘…I really enjoy the heart on display in Spandex…’

Finally, the Comic Bastards website give the Spandex book a 3 out of 5 – they seem to generally like it, but are creeped out by Prowler’s tail lol

Finally – Ms Fantastic!

Finally from Nigel Dobbyn ( – Ms Fantastic!  Fantastic!