Some recent reviews

Hello, hello!

I’m still here – been very busy with Spandex 7 and O Men book two!

Here’s a few new book reviews:

On ‘Geeks Out‘: ‘…corny, funny, provocative, and surprising. Its biggest surprise is that it works on multiple levels…’

On ‘Spandexless‘: ‘…Eden is able to have fun and represent diversity in a light hearted way, he also makes a damn good effort to make you care about the characters both from a geeky, traditional superhero side and from a personal side…’

And a 4.5 out of 5 on Jonny O’s blog: ‘…it reads like a homage to the well known superhero comics whilst reminding me also of ‘Beyond Palomar’, which I recently read, and (oddly) Kill Bill…’


Coming soon… (sort of!)

Convention at the weekend!!

On Saturday and Sunday, I will be selling my stuff at the International Alternative Press Fair! It’s on at the Conway Hall near Holburn, and you can find out more here!

Nice new review

Nice book review here:

‘…Thank you Martin Eden! This Brit gets it. Not only does he give us a team of seven LGBT superheroes, he makes them sexy, smart, and most of all sassy and funny to boot.’