World AIDS Day

Get a signed Spandex book!

I have got my paws on a few copies of the Spandex: Fast & Hard book and I’m selling them (signed with a sketch)! They are £11 (that includes postage) – please just click thru to Paypal here!

Spandex Black & White Day 7

It’s Prowler by Grant Springford!

I’ve known Grant for years (I call him ‘Springy’) and he is one of my best friends. He was a regular reader of my old comic The O Men and we soon became pen-pals (that was all before the days of emails and texts, can you believe it?), and eventually we met up and became buddies.

Soon after, Grant started creating his own comic series, Pest Control (please collect it soon, Grant!), and we used to share comic con tables together. Oh, the funny tales I could tell, ha ha… Neither of us really had a clue what we were doing, but they were amazing experiences – for better or for worse!

Grant started a new series last year, The Abnormals, which was really popular and well-reviewed – it’s kind-of got a Morrison Doom Patrol vibe to it. Hopefully there’ll be a new issue soon, but if you haven’t checked it out, please head along here:

It’s no secret that Prowler (he can absorb the powers/skills of any gay person) is one of my favourite Spandex characters, so I just had to give him over to good ol’ Springy!

Huge review on Existential Ennui

Mr Nick Jones has written a lovely overview of Spandex 7 – very nicely put together – on his blog site, Existential Ennui! Check it out – but be warned, if you haven’t read Spandex 6 and 7, there are spoilers!

Spandex Black & White Day Six

This is Indigo by my friend Yoshi Okubo. If you’ve seen me at my table at a London comic con this year, you may have seen him there with me – he helps me a lot.
Originally from Tokyo, Yoshi now works in London as a graphic designer, but his big passion is photography. His photos are incredible – stark, sometimes shocking, but often beautiful. He has a unique perspective on things. I’m looking forward to seeing his works at big exhibitions in the future.
I love this photo – it’s like something from an epic movie.
You can see Yoshi’s work at

Spandex Black & White Day 5

This is The J-Team by Mr Paul Shinn! So cool! I’ve met Paul at a few conventions over the years and I thought his cartoony style would suit the J-Team well! You can check out Paul’s illustration, cartoon and comic work at his website here…

Paul has been working on some charity drawings for ‘Movember’ – please take a look and sponsor some spare pennies if you can!


Spandex B&W Day 4: Ms Fantastic


Today’s featured portrait is Ms Fantastic by Mr Nigel Dobbyn.
Nigel has been drawing comics for several years and I’m a huge fan of his. One of my favourite 2000AD series, Medivac 318, was drawn by him! Since

then, Nigel has done loads of diverse things, including Sonic, Billy the Cat and loads more – you can see it all here:

I met Nigel for the first time at Thought Bubble last year and he’s such a nice chap – we chatted for ages. This year, Nigel decided to surprise me by creating portraits of Les Girlz which are stunning! You can see them here:

I decided to use the Ms Fantastic image in the Spandex Black & White project.

Nigel also drew some stunning portraits for my other series, The O Men – you can check them out here:

And Nigel has just drawn a picture of Grr’nn, a new character to appear in Spandex 7 – who knows what’s next up his sleeve!?

New art!

Nigel Dobbyn has been busy again, rendering Spandex characters in his own excellent style! This time he’s drawn Grr’nn, who makes her debut in Spandex 7? Who is she? Find out in the issue!

You can see Nigel’s excellent work here!

Spandex 7 – the first review!

The first review of Spandex #7, and it’s a good ‘un! It’s on the Geek Syndicate website!
‘The best indie comic of the year by far and one of the best comic books in general.’