Spandex Black & White Day Two!

I’m kicking things off with this picture of Bear-Man & Twinkle by Mr Graham Pearce. I’ve known Graham for years and we’ve been doing conventions for around the same amount of time. Graham is one of the many people I always look forward to seeing at each con (I could say we are veterans, but that makes us sound really old).
Graham’s been doing his hilarious Sgt Mike Battle comic for several years and he’s up to Issue 18 now (it’s ‘Last Admin Hero 2’, a sequel to his ‘Die Hard’ spoof). I really liked the pic Graham did for me – inspired by a Frank Miller Batman pic. Nice one, Graham!
In return for this pic, I created some new costume designs for his character – I spent a lot of time on them…

You can check Graham and his wares out here:

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