Spandex B&W Day 4: Ms Fantastic


Today’s featured portrait is Ms Fantastic by Mr Nigel Dobbyn.
Nigel has been drawing comics for several years and I’m a huge fan of his. One of my favourite 2000AD series, Medivac 318, was drawn by him! Since

then, Nigel has done loads of diverse things, including Sonic, Billy the Cat and loads more – you can see it all here:

I met Nigel for the first time at Thought Bubble last year and he’s such a nice chap – we chatted for ages. This year, Nigel decided to surprise me by creating portraits of Les Girlz which are stunning! You can see them here:

I decided to use the Ms Fantastic image in the Spandex Black & White project.

Nigel also drew some stunning portraits for my other series, The O Men – you can check them out here:

And Nigel has just drawn a picture of Grr’nn, a new character to appear in Spandex 7 – who knows what’s next up his sleeve!?