Spandex Black & White Day 7

It’s Prowler by Grant Springford!

I’ve known Grant for years (I call him ‘Springy’) and he is one of my best friends. He was a regular reader of my old comic The O Men and we soon became pen-pals (that was all before the days of emails and texts, can you believe it?), and eventually we met up and became buddies.

Soon after, Grant started creating his own comic series, Pest Control (please collect it soon, Grant!), and we used to share comic con tables together. Oh, the funny tales I could tell, ha ha… Neither of us really had a clue what we were doing, but they were amazing experiences – for better or for worse!

Grant started a new series last year, The Abnormals, which was really popular and well-reviewed – it’s kind-of got a Morrison Doom Patrol vibe to it. Hopefully there’ll be a new issue soon, but if you haven’t checked it out, please head along here:

It’s no secret that Prowler (he can absorb the powers/skills of any gay person) is one of my favourite Spandex characters, so I just had to give him over to good ol’ Springy!

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