Spandex Black & White Day 8!

lez girlzToday’s SB&W is Les Girlz by Mr Paul Rainey!
Paul is a talented friend of mine who has been doing comics for many years, and I met him at several conventions and we have been table buddies from time to time.
I think Paul’s first comics were Love Bomb and Memory Man, then in the past few years he did his hilarious Book of Lists book, and the mega-epic series There’s No Time Like The Present!
At the moment, he’s working on his new series, Thunder Brother Soap Division, which he is releasing online and in printed form too. Check out Paul’s shop here and Thunder Brother is here!

I love this pic of Les Girlz, my lesbian villains. I love Pussy’s cheeky face (top left) and I only just noticed Saga’s flying boobs (bottom left)!

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