Spandex Black & White Day 9

13 Mr Muscles copySince I spent today at the Queer Zine convention with him, I thought today’s Spandex Black & White picture should be by my friend Sina Sparrow!
I’ve known Sina for a long time – he used to read my old O Men comic and contributed to it – and I read some of his comics too!
Sina is busy with his work but he always finds time to draw and contribute to loads of zines and magazines, and create amaz…

ing flyers for his London club night, ‘Debbie’. His current projects include Art Fag which is available from his website –
He is planning an amazing new porn-Gods comic called Atash – I can’t wait!!!!
Sina decided to draw Mr Muscles. He warned me it would be a little bit adult – but it’s completely fine! Thanks Sina!

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