Best of the year!

I’ve picked my fave comics/TV/movies of the year on today’s Forbidden Planet International website – here!

Spandex Black & White Day 10!

Pink Ninja by Dill Tasker!

14 pink ninja copyI met Dill at the Bristol Expo comic con a couple of years ago – she was on the table next to me, and we’ve struck up a friendship ever since.

Dill is a very gifted cartoonist – she had her own strip in a French newspaper when she was a teenager, and she’s got a very diverse style. She’s currently working on a cartoon series called Hidebound Street, which you can find here!
In my day job as an editor, I hired Dill t o work for me on the GoGo’s comic and a strip in Almost Naked Animals.
Dill is also an animator, and you can find her animations here: