Spandex Black & White Day 11!

Untitled-3 copyDiva by Bridgeen Gillespie!

This is something different and special!

I invited my chum Bridgeen to contribute to Spandex Black & White and she said she had a cunning plan…. I had no idea I’d receive something so beautiful – a framed embroidery of Diva! When I received it, it took my breath away. Thanks so much, Bridgeen.

Bridgeen has dabbled in the comics scene for a while – when I first met her, she was doing wonderful comics like Maximo and Mr Rabbit and comics inspired by Kate Bush songs.

Currently, she is a freelance writer and illustrator and she also has turned her very talented attentions to creating fabric and embroidery designs. Bridgeen recently did a series of Rock n Roll embroidery portraits which were featured in the Mr X Stitch exhibition at November’s Harrowgate Knitting and Stitching show. These days you can find her planning new illustrations and embroidery patterns over on her blog

Check her work out and commission her to make you something beautiful!