Spandex Black & White Day 14! Liberty by Garry McLaughlin

02 Liberty copy

I’ve known Garry for a while now – we have a good old chinwag about comics every now and then, and we share a lot of the same comics tastes.

Garry already kindly drew the Hag mini-comic which came with Spandex issue 6, and for Spandex Black & White he turned his attentions to Miss Liberty!

Garry’s been creating comics for a while now, with such titles as his Year of Fear and Old Folk’s Home, and recently he released the amazing Taking Flight – his Frank Quitely-ish art is really getting better and better.

At the moment, he’s working on Black Leaf with John Lees (the writer of the mighty The Standard comic) – but watch this space, as he has big plans ahead!

You can check out Garry’s projects here –