Spandex Black & White Day 17 by Yifeng Jiang!

Spandex B&W (600 dpi)
This is a pic that isn’t in the Spandex Black & White mini-artbook (because it was only done very recently)!
I met Yifeng Jiang recently and he is a Shanghai-based artist who also studied at the Joe Kubert school in New York. Yifeng has illustrated a saucy comic called Punishment which is available on Amazon ( and he regularly works for a Chinese publication, coming up with all sorts of amazing comic stories – the publication is called 尚漫 [shang man], which means ‘Super Comics’!.
I sent Yifeng the Spandex series and he really liked it – so much so that he decided to draw this beautiful picture of Pussy and Ms Fantastic! Thanks so much, Yifeng!!!
You can see more of Yifeng’s work here and here
What a talented guy!