Spandex Black & White Day 13 – Glitter by Matthew Craig

glitter copy

Matthew Craig is an absolute indie-comic legend and he’s plugged away with his cute and funny comics for a long time now – do yourself a favour and check them out here!

Oh, he also recently had a story in Markosia’s Bayou Arcana, which teamed UK male talent (on writing) with indie female talent (on art)!

Matthew has had problems with his drawing hand recently, which sadly means he hasn’t been able to do many new things. He sent me this Glitter picture and said he wasn’t able to finish it properly – but it looked good enough to me – thanks so much Mr Craig!


Spandex Black & White Day 12: Butch by Mike Georgiou!

12 butch
This is Butch by Mike Georgiou!
Mike is one of the nicest chaps on the indie comics scene and he is also a freelance illustrator. I met him at a con a year or so ago where he was selling his awesome comic Elemental Micah, which is about strange powers and strange relationships and it’s a lot of fun!
I had the pleasure of sharing a train journey with Mike to Thought Bubble this year, and it was a right old laugh – we had a good old gossip about the indie comics scene and put the world to rights! He was also kind enough to lend me his spare tablecloth for my stall!
You can check out Mike’s comics and work at his website – Hire him!!

Spandex voted #6 Best Comic of 2012!

Wowee! Q Magazine has voted Spandex the #6 Best Comic of 2012! Yippeeeee!

LGBT Dictionary cover!

Gosssh, look at this! Spandex is on the cover of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Dictionary of LGBT Culture!
Pojmovnik korice finalna verzija

Spandex Black & White Day 11!

Untitled-3 copyDiva by Bridgeen Gillespie!

This is something different and special!

I invited my chum Bridgeen to contribute to Spandex Black & White and she said she had a cunning plan…. I had no idea I’d receive something so beautiful – a framed embroidery of Diva! When I received it, it took my breath away. Thanks so much, Bridgeen.

Bridgeen has dabbled in the comics scene for a while – when I first met her, she was doing wonderful comics like Maximo and Mr Rabbit and comics inspired by Kate Bush songs.

Currently, she is a freelance writer and illustrator and she also has turned her very talented attentions to creating fabric and embroidery designs. Bridgeen recently did a series of Rock n Roll embroidery portraits which were featured in the Mr X Stitch exhibition at November’s Harrowgate Knitting and Stitching show. These days you can find her planning new illustrations and embroidery patterns over on her blog

Check her work out and commission her to make you something beautiful!

Best of the year!

I’ve picked my fave comics/TV/movies of the year on today’s Forbidden Planet International website – here!

Spandex Black & White Day 10!

Pink Ninja by Dill Tasker!

14 pink ninja copyI met Dill at the Bristol Expo comic con a couple of years ago – she was on the table next to me, and we’ve struck up a friendship ever since.

Dill is a very gifted cartoonist¬†– she had her own strip in a French newspaper when she was a teenager, and she’s got a very diverse style. She’s currently working on a cartoon series called Hidebound Street, which you can find here!
In my day job as an editor,¬†I hired Dill t o work for me on the GoGo’s comic and a strip in Almost Naked Animals.
Dill is also an animator, and you can find her animations here: