Gay Comics list review

Spandex 7 receives judgement on the Gay Comics List website – and it’s a good judgement!

Spandex review on the Geek Syndicate podcast!

The Spandex: Fast and Hard collection is discussed on the Geek Syndicate podcast – and they liked it, yay! Thanks to them for giving it a chance. You can hear the review at about 34 minutes.

Spandex in a top 2012 comics list!

John Lees, the writer of the amazing comic The Standard, has picked Spandex as one of his favourite comics of 2012!

New Indigo piccie

indigo copyThis year, I’m working on the Spandex Special and a few other projects, but nothing too strenuous lol. In between, I’ll just work on some pictures for fun – like this one! Here’s a new Indigo pic 🙂

Spandex #7 – 9 out of 10 from Starburst Magazine!

Woo hoo, Spandex #7 gets 9 out of 10 from the Starburst Magazine guys!
The review is here:
And they say: ‘Spandex is one of the best original superhero comics in years. More than that, it’s actually better than a lot of the stuff the Big Two is putting out at the moment.’

Spandex Black & White overview

The Forbidden Planet International Blog chaps have written a nice little overview of the Spandex Black & White mini-artbook today! Thanks to them!
The best place to see all of the lovely art is on the album on the ‘Spandex Comic’ Facebook page – check it out!

Spandex 7: The FPI Verdict!

Yay, the Forbidden Planet International blog site say they like Spandex #7 and have published a lovely, positive review! I like the way they don’t spoil things, but they hugely tease things! You can check it out here:
Those guys have been overwhelmingly supportive of me and my comics for a long time, so big, big thanks to them.
Here’s one of my favourite bits of the feature:
‘Spandex delivers classic, well-intentioned superhero tales of old, yet cleverly wraps them up in modern trappings, this is classic superhero soap-opera a la Stan & Jack or Chris Claremont or John Byrne with added adult sensibility. The sexuality is treated, quite rightly, as simply another thing going on in their lives – these are people who are gay and are superheroes, not gay superheroes. The distinction is not just important, it’s the core of what makes Spandex work.’

Momb-cast mention!

The lovely chaps (and chapess) at the MOMBcast mention Spandex as one of their favourite comics of 2012 and say that Spandex #7 was a “punch in the gut” (oops, sorry about that, Jane hehe)!
I love these guys, they should have their own TV show. You can check it all out heeere (and I highly recommend checking it out every week):

Issue 7 review on Broken Frontier website!

First review of the year of Spandex 7! It’s on the lovely Broken Frontiers website – they liked it! You can find it here:
And here’s an extract:
‘If Marvel and DC were still publishing comics as good as this then I wouldn’t have largely walked away from their output.’

Happy New Year from Diva, Spandex and Martin!

diva tumblr copy