gulk bang whiteHehe. Artist and writer T’Sao Wei has been at it again, drawing pics of my characters. This one is very naughty! Apparently he did it as a joke for a friend and he sent it to me. It’s GULK from the old Spandex team. He’s basically a big gay Hulk who romps around naked with a pixellated schlong. Wei’s picture isn’t pixellated though, and it’s so naughty that I’m not showing it all here. If you want to see the full version, you can go over to my blog ( – which I barely ever use these days), but be warned, it’s REALLY NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!
You can check out Wei’s comics here:

One Response

  1. T’Sao Wei is a great artist! His style is very unique and defined! I really enjoy his stuff he does for Martin’s Spandex title!

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