Spandex 7: The FPI Verdict!

Yay, the Forbidden Planet International blog site say they like Spandex #7 and have published a lovely, positive review! I like the way they don’t spoil things, but they hugely tease things! You can check it out here:
Those guys have been overwhelmingly supportive of me and my comics for a long time, so big, big thanks to them.
Here’s one of my favourite bits of the feature:
‘Spandex delivers classic, well-intentioned superhero tales of old, yet cleverly wraps them up in modern trappings, this is classic superhero soap-opera a la Stan & Jack or Chris Claremont or John Byrne with added adult sensibility. The sexuality is treated, quite rightly, as simply another thing going on in their lives – these are people who are gay and are superheroes, not gay superheroes. The distinction is not just important, it’s the core of what makes Spandex work.’


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