The Spandex Special is out next week!

spandex special press release full jeff copy

Well, it’s been a year of hard work, and now I can finally announce that the Spandex Special is out next week (debuting at the London MCM Expo)!
It’s a massive 52 pages, A5, full colour, and contains five very special variant covers by five very special artists – Jeffrey Brown, Warwick Johnson Cadwell, Nigel Dobbyn and T’Sao Wei! (Don’t worry – each variant cover is featured in each issue – just in a different order!)
It’s £4, including postage. Just click HERE to pre-order it!

I’m also now doing a complete Spandex Pack containing everything – all issues, all 4 mini-comics, the mini-artbook, the trading card and the badge. It’s £22, including postage, and you can pre-order it HERE!

And the Digital Spandex Special is HERE for £1!

For US readers, it’s $8.50 and can be pre-ordered HERE, the Complete Pack is available for $35 HERE, and a $1.50 digital copy is HERE

3 Responses

  1. Martin,

    Great news about the complete Spandex pack, if you have them at Thought Bubble and I’m able to make it (impending House move willing) I’ll defo be picking that up. Out of interest are you still going to be continuing the O Men collections? I chuffin’ loved them and hope they have do enough business to justify continuation?

    • Hi Colin, Thanks for your email! I’ll definitely have Spandex Packs at Thought Bubble! I’m definitely continuing The O Men! I had hoped to get Book Three out for Thought Bubble but, sadly, the final Spandex issue took over all my time! I’ll release Book Three early next year.

      • This news warms my heart… unlike the house move which might mean its going to have to be an online purchase alas…

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