Geeked Magazine strip

I thought I’d post up the special Spandex short story I did for Geeked Magazine a few months ago (now they’ve got a new issue out), so enjoy!page 1 copy

page 2 copy It appeared in a special Illustration-themed issue, so I put a few illustration references in it. You can check out Geeked Magazine at

Special cover(s)

cover special

Special secrets…

diva teaser copy

silhouettes copy

James Bend ‘guest appearance’

I’m a huge fan of the comics created by my chum T’Sao Wei, and he’s currently working on his new comic series, Windrush. Spandex readers might be interested to know that (the brand new) Windrush Issue 2 has a nice homage to Spandex’s James Bend, as two of the characters discuss JB’s movies! I can’t recommend this series highly enough and you can check it out here:
Plus, Wei and I might just be working on something for the near future – watch this space!


New interview!

There’s a new interview with me on the Clusion website! I talk about stereotypes, the Spandex Special and the future of Spandex!

MCM Expo London!

mcmI’ll be at the MCM London Expo on Saturday and Sunday with my Spandex and O Men stuff! Come along and say hello! Apparently I’m on table E3 in the Comic Village! I drew a little map, do you like it? – I hope I got it right lol. Details of the convention are here:

Brand new Spandex mini-strip!


I’ve done a new Spandex story! It’s a self-contained two-page strip that I made exclusively for Geeked Magazine. It’s called ‘Tipsy Teleportation’ and it’s about Indigo getting a bit drunk on champagne and accidentally teleporting around the universe! There’s also a li’l interview with me in the same issue.

It’s in Geeked Magazine 3 which is available from Foyles in London or or here:

Alternatively, they’ll be at the MCM London Expo comic con this weekend! (I’ll be there too!)

Spot the Spandex

I only just spotted this! A Spandex panel was included in Comics Bulletin’s ‘2012: The Year in Panels’ feature! Can you spot it?

Part-Time Fanboy podcast!

I’m interviewed in the brand new Part Time Fanboy podcast! We chat about some of the twists and turns of Spandex, plus my likes and dislikes of current comics!
It’s here: