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Welcome to Spandex – super-heroes with a difference!
From the creator of The O Men (www.comix.org.uk/theomen), Spandex is a brand new super-drama with a very unique spin. And even if you have heard what it’s about, it’s really not what you might expect – trust me…
You can contact the creator Martin at martrpeden@yahoo.co.uk

30 Responses

  1. i love the picture of the 50ft lesbianxxx

  2. this is such a cool idea. liberty seems awesome. more comics need transvestite members. awesome. going to look for this in the comic store i frequent i think.

  3. Just received my copy in the post. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!! Im only gonna read it once though, then away it goes back in the envelope along with my special little doodle of ‘Glitter’ from Martin to keep it safe forever and ever! I’ll definately be ordering EVERY copy! is there a way that i can set up an order for it or have an email reminder every time a new issue is about to ‘come out…….’ so that i dont ever have to miss an issue? xxx

    • Oh gosh, thanks so much Jon – I’m so glad you liked it! Just stay tuned to the Facebook ‘Spandex Comic’ page or to this site to find out new Spandex developments. I’ll let you into a secret – I was hoping to just go straight into a Spandex book late next year, but I’m thinking of releasing a second issue early in the new year, because I am so excited about Spandex! 🙂

  4. your father the devil! refer to God and Repent!

  5. Hi, I see through your website. First of all I’m sorry for some of the unpleasant comments from people who think that they speak up on behalf of God or Lord Jesus Christ. I just want to say that God loves you all and He is real and exist. I’m not a pro gays but also I don’t hate them. I have one friend who is gay also…. But let God speaks His words to open each person’s heart. God bless you Martin, U have been given an awesome talent. I wish I can draw as good as you 🙂

  6. I’m not religious, so the whole idea of gay superheros is fine by me, but this is just so cliche-ridden and frankly slightly offencive that I’m afraid I don’t agree with it. However, it’s what you want to do, so I’m not going to have a go or anything. Good luck with it 🙂

    • How would you say it is cliche ridden and offensive Heather? Have you read the actual comic?

      • Maybe she hasn’t read the real comic, but look at your own words :
        ‘Has the power to absorb the skills and abilities of any gay person – so that could mean taking the powers of a team-mate or enemy – or just learning how to throw a fab dinner party’
        Any gay person? Not just any person or any human? A fab dinner party? Because, you know, that has everything to do with being gay.
        ‘Gaydar – like Spider-sense but gayer’
        Okay, I don’t even need to expand on that one. That’s just ridiculous, honestly.

  7. oh my god! its great! were i can buy it?

    • Hiya!
      Thanks! It’s in some comic shops around the UK – Dave’s in Brighton, OK Comics in Leeds, Forbidden Planet – but you can buy a copy with Paypal if you go to the ordering page, or you can also buy a PDF which I can email to you.

  8. OMG!! loved the comic!! cant w8 for the next issue! wish i had the ability to draw more than stick ppl.
    ignore the religious rhetoric, if god was against homosexuals then i’m pretty sure he wud have made jesus have female disciples.
    also RoHo has the best people go here!! haha

  9. I’m sorry to be a downer, but what the hell are you trying to do by making this comic?
    Look, if a superhero is gay, he’s gay, but this is the most cliche and frankly totally ignorant and offensive thing that I have ever read. I don’t think you’re doing a good thing for LGBT people at all, no matter how much you think you are.
    Honestly, this whole idea is just ridiculous. The first thing I thought when I heard of you was that this was a total hoax, because nobody should be ignorant enough to write such a thing.
    Really, all you’re doing is enhancing the view that gay people are required to act a certain way, and I think you really need to take a look around and ask yourself if you really want to spread this idea of gay people as flamboyant, pink people who only care about ‘how to throw a fab dinner party’ and fashion.

    • Oh, I would probably say that some of the Westboro homophobic discourses are more offensive than this, or anti-holocaust propaganda. I mean, those Westboro boys organise anti-gay rallies on a website called god hates fags– I’m not sure they’d change their mind if Mr Eden released a comic called “totally normal gay superheroes do totally normal superhero things, like normally”. The superhero genre isn’t exactly known for its subtlety.

      Gay people have been happy to embrace flamboyance for years.I mean –side-stepping the old dilemma of whether or not it is better to reject a stereotype or embrace it, subvert it, and neutralise it– it seems to me that Martin Eden is channelling a lot of influences, not just doing a superhero version of ‘Queer Eye’. You detect rampant stereotypes; I see an art style that combines the Britishness of Paul Grist with the pop art sensibilities of Mike Allred.

  10. I throw a fabulous dinner party and I am quite pink but frankly my fashion sense leaves a lot to be desired. I would love to be flamboyant but I have a natural aura which makes people think I hate them or I’m going to jump off a bridge. Is it ok if I pick and choose my qualities from your gay bible Martin? I’m not sure I can follow all your instructions. xxx

  11. The people saying that Spandex is full of stereotypes obviously haven’t read it – the characters are full-formed individuals who aren’t just obsessed with parties and whatnot. The copy used here and on press releases is obviously marketing speak intended to grab attention. Indeed, I think the book challenges the stereotypes and challenges the expectations of heterosexuals like myself who are bombarded by representation of camp asexual gay males by TV and film.
    And with all that in mind, the stories are bloody good too!

    • You hit the nail on the head! Some people felt the characters were stereotypes from the news reports – but when you’ve just got a few words to sum up a character in a press release, it’s really hard not to generalise.

  12. Hey dude, loving the Spandex goodness! Also thanks for letting us interview you at Kapow!

    Lord Jimsicle, YHI

  13. I met you at Comicon in London a few months back and your book looked great. You convinced me to pick up the first 3 issues of Spandex. I have a massive backlog of comics to read so only just started on the first issue. Just wanted to say it’s really good and very glad I came across it. Thanks and keep up the good work!

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