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The team supreme!

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  1. You are all fucking bastartds! Fuck the gays, fuck the Britain, fuck your fucking Queen!

    Let this fucking country burn in hell’s fire!!!

    Love the Jesus Christ – he is not the gay!

  2. this is hilarious. but its cliched. Not all gay people are like that. I should know.

  3. Pidory

  4. I am looking at this in the way I think it was intended – creative, artistic and GREAT FUN. Have just ordered a copy and can’t wait to follow the superhero’s adventures

  5. Бля!ебанулись на отличненько!!!!!ОЛОЛОЛОЛО

  6. Come off it, religion is all good but can’t you realise there are better explanations for the way things were created and also the people that live withing the world. Please keep your opinions to your self.

  7. Hey, just to say wow at this 🙂
    And to be honest guys being gay isn’t something that should be judged by anyone. It is their choice and no one should be treated in a way the is offensive to thier choice of how they live their life.
    So i think this comic is a great idea and if anyone has anything bad to say to it they are just unintelligent and blinded by being self centred and judgemental .

    Love the idea guys


  8. ¡Pues a mí me parece una estupenda idea! ¡A ver si cunde el ejemplo!

    Por cierto… ¿se puede leer el comic en internet, o solo hay edición en papel?

    Gracias. Besos

  9. Mazepa! Подходящее имечко выбрал. Чувствуется, что ты сам гомофобный оголтелый, но ПИДОР! Поэтому, не хрен постить свою натуру где попало!

    • No comprendo

      • Sorry!

        I believed that spanish was more comprehensible!
        I want ask you if the comic can find in internet, or only in paper-format (excuse me for my english, please).

        The comic is a very good idea!, and you are a “fucking bastard” very “majo”, of course… jajaja


      • Hi hon…
        Angela was asking if she can read the comics on the internet or do you only have it on paper.


      • oooopps… i didn’t see her reply, sorry… hehehehe

  10. Пиздец!

  11. You have deleted my previous posts! Why? Where is the ‘love’, where is the reverence to me?

  12. This is a great idea whose time has finally come! I can’t wait to read the first edition!

    It’s amazing to me that you’ve already attracted both Spanish and Russian speakers (both of whom seem supportive), as well as English speakers (some of whom need to look up ‘idiot’ in the dictionary and put their pictures there).

    Finally, I think the person who said “you gay bash yet incourage man love and worship?” was referring to Mazepa and his rant, not you, Martineden1974. S/he was *supporting* you, not denegrating you. 🙂

    Long live SPANDEX!

    • Thanks so much Lila!
      Ha ha ha I over-reacted wrongly then – I have removed my horrified response!!! I tend to read these comments in isolation, so sometimes I don’t know what the hell I am talking about.
      Yes I agree re the ‘idiots’. The majority of people I’ve heard from directly have been LOVELY, but It’s incredible the amount of people who are judging the comic just from the Metro news-piece. It seems very narrow-minded to me.

    • Put this ‘idiot’ word in your ass.

      I think the western world must be destroyed with biggest asteroid, like in “Armageddon”.

      В общем ебитесь конем конченые пидарасы. Гореть вам всем в аду.

  13. @Mazepa: In our arses? Oooo, don’t go there, it”s tempting…

    Come the Christmas party, I might dress up as a Spandex! 😀
    Who shall it be…? Mmmm…eeny…meeny…miny…moe!

    P.S. The comics look great Martin Eden. I wonder it you could partner the existing comic heroes with the Spandex team. Perhaps have Batman and Liberty *cough*fallinlove*cough*. Kidding.

  14. he he he, I’m trying not to understand the connotations of the last sentence, if ya know what I mean…


  15. i just ordered a copy of your comic. can’t wait for it to get here. i’m so glad i found your site. i’m gay and i’m into comic books, specially super-hero ones, and finding one is so exciting.


  16. Can somebody here tell me how to get this comic strip? Is it possible to download it or buy somewere in Internet?

    To Russian users: firstly read it, then you’ll have waranties to shit on it.
    If you re not gay or gay-friendly person, what are you doing here? Go to Bibirevo, sleazeballs. Create something first, crocks of shit!

    Русскоязычным: сначала прочтите, потом получите право обсирать.
    Если вы не гей-френдли, то что вы тут делаете? Пезд**те в Бибирево, чмошники. Сами бы что-нибудь придумали сначала, бездари!

    • Hello hello, Sasha!
      You can get a PDF of it if you like. If you can pay by Paypal, it’s £1 payable with my email address,
      We can convert the currency?
      Hehe don’t worry about the Haterz, Sasha, I started ignoring them weeks ago!

      • its so mean that all there ppl are criticising your comic when its so fantastic *sighs*

      • Aw it’s ok thanks hon, I’m quite thick-skinned!
        In all seriousness though:
        1: I do feel that most of the criticisms are coming from people who haven’t read the comic
        2: I have a policy of approving all comments but some have been too homophobic to approve, sadly. I don’t want casual browsers to get upset at something they read so I’m being careful.

  17. Congratulations!!! So proud of you!

    Tiger Boy

  18. Just TigerBuzz me when you need me… I’m here to support you no matter what it takes!

    Happy New Year!!!

    Tiger Boy


  19. muyyyyyyy buenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  20. I would just like to say that I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS IDEA!!!!!!!!! It is so frickin funny that when I saw it I nearly pissed my pants because of it…..and I don’t know if that ranting HOBAG is an amercian but if he is I APOLOGIZE because not all of us are……as you can tell!!!! Again I love your idea and you!!!!!

  21. I am so glad that I can get these online in PDF! I’m in Canada and my friend showed me the link, I thought “this is awesome, but I’ll probably never get to read one”. Then, I found that you have them for sale online!

    I have to set up a paypal account. I’ll be back.

    And thanks for not posting the nasty comments. I’m all for free speech but there’s no need to spread hate, there are plenty of outlets for those people to vent their anger elsewhere, this is something fun and exciting!

  22. i just heard of your comic today and I love the idea of this 🙂 i have yet to order it but no worries i will soon. i live in hong kong so it’s a little difficult for me but i’m excited! keep up the awesome work. this made my day haha

  23. I love the idea ! is it ok if i link this page on here ?
    Its where i found out about this

    (plz excuse my bad english im a Belgian )

    also -free hugs- (>’-‘)>


  24. Hi just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the images aren’t loading correctly. I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different internet browsers and both show the same outcome.

  25. It’s so nice to see things changing the way they are! As a gay man going into the military, I make no excuses nor do I apologize for who I love. I almost pity people who only spend there time verbally abusing others for something that is beyond their understanding. The world is already filled with so much violence and bigotry that I find it nearly impossible to understand how people can only concentrate on their own hate. We can quote verse all day long, and argue until we are blue in the face, but, all this yelling is only deafening us to each other. I will end my comment saying this. I won’t wish people who spew hate every happiness, because I don’t think they will hear me over the sound of there wagging tongues, but I will wish that they find true understanding, because that is gained through effort and the desire to understand. I will live my life as I see fit and hope that what I do with my life is right. After all, I have the complete faith that God loves me more than you could ever hate me. Btw, can’t wait to read the comic!!! XD

    • Well said, my friend! Sometimes, it can be a bit exhausting dealing with modern-day attitudes, and your words sum it up really well – and I really admire your attitude.

  26. […] US or UK. The book collects the first 3 issues in a full color hardcover book. Learn more about the team at the author’s website and check out the trailer for the third […]

  27. Are any of the characters bi?

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