2. ORDERING INFO (U.S. Readers)


You can now pre-order the final issue of Spandex – the Spandex Special!
It’s 52 pages, A5, full colour, and contains all five variant covers!
It’s $8.50, including postage. Just click HERE!

I’m also now doing a complete Spandex Pack containing everything – all issues, all 4 mini-comics, the mini-artbook, the trading card and the badge. It’s $35, including postage, and you can pre-order it HERE!

Each regular issue of Spandex is $7.

And the Digital Spandex Special is HERE for $1.50!


Extra-sized debut issue with free ‘Attack of the Giant Lesbian’ poster! (40 pages, A5)
1 cover copy
‘Pink Ninjas’ – the team heads to Japan to recruit a new member. (36 pages, A5)

final cover no tagline smaller
‘…if you were the last person on Earth…’ – The Earth’s population has been turned into mindless zombies by a creature called Nadir, and only a few members of Spandex are left to sort it all out! (36 pages, A5)
2 oct final cover copy lower down
‘O.M.F.G.’ Part One: ‘True Colours’ – Les Girlz attack! (28 pages, A5)
‘O.M.F.G.’ Part Two: ‘Big Secret Crisis’ – Liberty fights everyone, and we find out what it’s like to grow up as a transvestite superhero as we discover her origin. (28 pages, A5)
1 final cover WHITE copy

‘O.M.F.G.’ Part Three: ‘Deus Ex Machina’ – The team are prisoners of Les Girlz, and Saga is exploring their minds and secrets – including Diva’s origin, which promises to turn the entire series on its head! Includes three amazing mini-comics!
1 alt cover copy 3

It’s the final part of ‘O.M.F.G.’ and some huge answers are revealed! And not everyone may survive… This one’s 36 pages, A5, full colour, with a free badge and a free Spandex Black & White mini-artbook!
cover with bleed
If you’d like a SPECIAL PACK of all seven issues, it’s $32 (includes postage) and you can click HERE. It comes with a Spandex badge, trading card,  free J-Team mini-manga comic, 3 mini-comics and the Spandex Black & White mini-artbook!


Readers in the US can get the PDF for $1.50 by clicking on each issue here:







To pay by cheques or cash, just get in touch at martrpeden@yahoo.co.uk! Any questions or ordering problems (ie, if any links don’t work) just let me know and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can

Also, if any of the links aren’t working, please just let me know.

Please bear in mind that Spandex is a mature-readers-only comic book containing adult themes, so I cannot send it to under 16s.

Finally, I’d love to hear what you think of the comic! Just drop me a line at my email address and let me know!

4 Responses

  1. I paid off paypal and am awaiting uber-anxiously for the 5 issues! lmASSO I just really want to start reading >:D PLEASE COME FAST! #TeamSpandex

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  4. Hey Martin! Daniel aka Reyes here, just ordered the .pdf Spandex issues 2/3/4/5/6/7! Is there a download link to get them faster or do you send them in .pdf format to my email? just curious Mate! Looking to get my SPANDEX fix since I used up my Omen fix up! LOL!
    cheers mate!

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