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21 Responses

  1. How did you decide how many characters to create? I mean, we all know someone alike to every one of the characters but it seemed initially that you were going with the rainbow theme, even if conventionally a gay rainbow is 6 colours rather than 7. Although if that means we loose indigo, lets keep the 6 haha. When Neon comes how will this work out as we will no longer see a face per letter in the spandex logo. Can we also get a better pic of Glitter?? Is she hot?

    • So many questions!!!
      6 colours, really?
      No way, Indigo stays. She is La Cool.
      Neon joining? If you read Issue One you might get a clue.
      Glitter’s a ‘he’ hon – check out bottom right here

  2. MMaartttttinnnnnnnnnnnnn,

    Knew it was you when I read the Metro – Kate confirmed it. Wicked, big well done!!

    Hope it gets off to a flying start, you’re on to big things.

    See you soon xx

  3. This is great!! How often will this be released? Is there a way of subscribing to this comic? Would be great to get this regular!

    • Issue one is out now and should be more than enough excitement for a while hehe!
      Then you will get some ‘Spandex Shorts’ which are mini comics featuring various characters. Plus new art pretty much every week.
      Next year there will be a big Spandex book which will knock your socks off, i promise.
      Stay tuned to

  4. Where can i buy that comics??? Thanks

  5. Ahhhhh-I have emailed a dozen times to & it keeps coming back to me rejected.I am desperate to order some Spandex copies but not though paypal but cheque & need to get address etc.
    Can someone help !!!
    Lyn Wilson

  6. I have just ordered a copy, can you confirm when this should be dispatched?

    • Hello! Okay, well you might have read elsewhere that I need to print up another batch – and the bloomin’ printers can’t do it until about Tuesday 😦
      BUT I am gonna get copies out to everyone as SOON as I can, okay? It’ll be worth the wait.

  7. are your comics available in shops in glasgow and / or Edinburgh??? If not I will order online


  8. Fantastic effort. Thanks for the post it note. Can’t wait for the next edition

    • Thanks so much!!! Glad you liked the li’l post-it – I think I must now have drawn about 1000 of ’em lol!!
      Next issue might be out in April… It was going to be the end of Feb, but I think there is a lot to do!!

  9. Hi Martin,

    Thanks SOO much – it arrived today! I can’t wait to get home and read it. Had a quick browse, looks fabulous.

    Thanks again,


  10. P.S – love the post-it attached.

  11. I picked up the first 3 issues today in Forbidden Planet having recognised them from an awards nominations list a few months back. As a teenager who is gay, a nerd and someone who hopes to publish indy comics after uni’, I’d just like to say thank you. Thank you for putting something which tackles these issues out there, thank you for entertaining me and thank you for making my dreams a little more realistic.

    • Thank you, that is very kind of you – I am really glad you liked it and connected with it.
      I hope you pursue your dreams after uni, just go for it. if you ever need any advice or to pass some ideas, i’m right here, and i look forward to reading your comics sometime soon.

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