1. ORDERING INFO (U.K. readers)


You can now pre-order the final issue of Spandex – the Spandex Special!
It’s 52 pages, A5, full colour, and contains all five variant covers!
It’s £4, including postage. Just click HERE!

I’m also now doing a complete Spandex Pack containing everything – all issues, all 4 mini-comics, the mini-artbook, the trading card and the badge. It’s £22, including postage, and you can pre-order it HERE!

And the Digital Spandex Special is HERE for £1!


Each full-colour issue of Spandex costs just £3.20 – that includes postage and packaging

The easiest way to pay is Paypal (using my email address, martrpeden@yahoo.co.uk).

You can just click on the issue number below to purchase the issue you’d like…

If you’re doing multiple purchases, I’d highly recommend buying the comics from this Comicsy website, which has a posh Cart and everything. Otherwise, you’d have to keep clicking on stuff here and you might get frustrated and angry with me (I haven’t figured out how to put a ‘Cart’ etc on here yet, but hopefully I will soon!). All prices are the same on Comicsy as they are here.

Extra-sized debut issue with free ‘Attack of the Giant Lesbian’ poster! (40 pages, A5)

1 cover copy

‘Pink Ninjas’ – the team heads to Japan to recruit a new member. (36 pages, A5)

final cover no tagline smaller

‘…If you were the last person on Earth…’ – The Earth’s population has been turned into mindless zombies by a creature called Nadir, and only a few members of Spandex are left to sort it all out! (36 pages, A5)

2 oct final cover copy lower down

‘O.M.F.G.’ Part One: ‘True Colours’ – Les Girlz attack! (28 pages, A5)


‘O.M.F.G.’ Part Two: ‘Big Secret Crisis’ – Liberty fights everyone, and we find out what it’s like to grow up as a transvestite superhero as we discover her origin. (28 pages, A5)

1 final cover WHITE copy


‘O.M.F.G.’ Part Three: ‘Deus Ex Machina’ – The team are prisoners of Les Girlz, and Saga is exploring their minds and secrets – including Diva’s origin, which promises to turn the entire series on its head! The issue comes with three amazing mini-comics!

1 alt cover copy 3


It’s the final part of ‘O.M.F.G.’ and some huge answers are revealed! And not everyone may survive… This one’s 36 pages, A5, full colour, with a free badge and a free Spandex Black & White mini-artbook!





If you’d like a SPECIAL PACK of ALL EIGHT ISSUES (which includes a free badge, trading card, the mini-manga J-Team comic, 3 mini-comics and free Spandex black & white mini-artbook), it’s £22 (that includes postage) and you can click HERE


Alternatively, you can get a PDF of each issue for just £1! UK readers click on the issue number below to pay for the PDF by Paypal. I will send the PDF as soon as I can!








To pay by cheques or cash, just get in touch at martrpeden@yahoo.co.uk! Any questions or ordering problems (ie, if any links don’t work) just let me know and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can

For readers from the US or anywhere else, please check the other Ordering Pages. If any of the links aren’t working, please just let me know.

A quick update on places that are stocking Spandex:
– Orbital Comics in London
– Forbidden Planet London, Liverpool, Newcastle and Southampton
– Dave’s Comics in Brighton
– OK Comics in Leeds
– Nostalgia & Comics in Birmingham
– Gay’s the Word bookshop in London.

– Gosh Comics in London

Please bear in mind that Spandex is a mature-readers-only comic book containing adult themes, so I cannot send it to under 16s.

Finally, I’d love to hear what you think of the comic! Just drop me a line at my email address and let me know!

45 Responses

  1. […] Wenn nicht,  kannst Du Dir das Heft für £2.50 per Post oder für £1 als Pdf via Email schicken lassen: Ordering Info […]

  2. What a great idea! Can’t wait to read issue one. Good luck with this concept – it’s a brilliant idea!

    • Thanx so much – special hugz to you from the Spandex gang!

      • Hi,
        I ordered the mag on 18th Nov but nothing has arrived in the post yet. Just wondered when I might expect it? THANKS!

      • Good news Janet!!
        I had to order a 2nd printing – it took way longer than I had hoped, but I finally got copies yesterday and am now almost on top of orders. I just have a few overseas orders to sort out now, so most of the UK ones have been done – so it should be with you very soon!
        Sorry for the delay!!!

      • Hi Martin,
        Thanks! No probs. How spooky but the mag arrived today! Great stuff! Will await issue 2, and I think a book is a great idea!
        ‘Spandex Soar!’
        (see, I’ve been reading already! LOL!)

      • Aw thanks Janet! Glad it got to you okay! Ha ha ha – you have got to ‘Spandex Soar’, but you haven’t got to ‘Spandex Strike’ yet!

  3. hi
    am really excited about the first gay comic book.
    have just ordered 3. one for me and the others for xmas stocking fillers. absolutely fab sweetie. keep the good work up.

    • Thank youuuu
      I’ll send copies as SOON as i can – it’s gone a bit mad around here and i need to reprint!

  4. i’ll be buying a copy for sure.

  5. […] gay nor comic-book readers, so what do we know?). It’s available from the U.K. but you can download a pdf of the first 40-page comic in the series via Paypal here. More excerpts after the […]

  6. How much will it cost to deliver in Ireland?

  7. Read about your comic in The Metro. Cheered my usually dull commute to work. Looking forward to reading issue 1!!

  8. how much to get a copy sent over to australia? read the article on e-metro, and love it already! 🙂

  9. and if I can’t order it-is it possible to buy it somewhere in shop or other place?

  10. sorry-mistake-that wasn’t a question 😀

  11. Is this on sale in places like WH Smith?

  12. When can we expect issue 2?

    • Well I wasn’t going to do one… I was just going to go straight to a book next year… But I will definitely do an issue two now. Hopefully out in Feb!

  13. How would I unsubscribe?

    And hwo do I inform you if I change my address?


    Also got my issue today – Issue 1 aswell! A collectable.

  14. I have just ordered another copy of issue one to send to this girl i just started dating. We are pretty much the biggest geeks ever and this is pretty much the most perfect, geek meets gay, i like you, be my girlfriend gift ever !
    i love it, good work !

  15. i wear spandex so i am here my email is spandex93@yahoo.com i am in portland oregon

  16. No, I can’t believe I’m too young! O:
    I’ll turn 16 next year .. I don’t know if I can wait that long!

    I live in Norway, by the way. Is that too far? xD

  17. Hi, I originally read the article in Metro months ago and am finally getting around to ordering one for my friend. Its his birthday, and he is gonna LOVE it. Also very tempted to get my own copy too! Keep up the fab work
    🙂 x

  18. I received the comic and goodies, thanks for getting this out to me so quickly! I think this is going to be a winner of a present! Will definately get the 2nd edition/book!
    Thanks again

  19. […] ORDERING INFO […]

  20. I totally forgot to look if there was a place to put badge preference in the order. Is it too late to ask for the one that says ‘I like Pussy’? That’s be all kinds of ironic considering…

    • hello! i did have the package ready, but i missed the post office by 5 minutes! so i can change the pack and give you the badge you want!

      • They were wonderful! Is this the only gay comic without graphic sex and basically cartoon porn? They are great comics period. That they feature gay characters is just a plus! A fellow poster on the DC message boards is interested. He lives in Australia and works with gay kids and was looking for well crafted gay comics that weren’t porn. I’m posting the email address you gave to portugal person for him to contact you…

      • Thanks! Although I must say that Spandex is an adult comic. It’s not porn, but it does feature nudity, swearing and sex. Kids love my Glitter badges at cons, but I have to tell the parents not to let them go on the website!

  21. Hi,
    Is it possible to order to Portugal?

  22. Hello there

    any plans for releasing this via ComiXology?

    • Hello there
      I’m just discussing plans with Titan Books about releasing the book collection digitally. PDFs of individual issues can be ordered directly from me – they look great on an ipad!

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