Neon – coming soon!

neon with tattoo

11 Responses

  1. He looks like the hottest haha

  2. yeah!

    yes, he look like a hot

    ❤ xDDDDD

  3. prowler’s rival or an ex? >))

  4. oooh hottie, I would (if I were a comic character too)!!

  5. hes hot! i wonder if hes bi…..

  6. […] cualquier habilidad y destreza que tenga una persona homosexual. Otros que se verán pronto son Neon y Pussy. Vale recalcar que, durante la primera serie del comic Spandex, los súper héroes se […]

  7. He really does look a lot like Adam Lambert, wonder if he’s based of him?

    • hehe you are not the first person to mention Adam Lambert – but no, Neon is Japanese.

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