Spandex 3 on Comixology today!

Hoorah – Spandex 3 is finally available on Comixology! It’s a self-contained story called ‘If You Were the Last Person on Earth’ and it is quite a personal story to me. It received some great reviews when I first self-published it a couple of years ago, and if you’ve never checked Spandex out before, it’s a good one to try out!


New Diva pic

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Spandex on Comixology!

Exciting news! My comics, Spandex and The O Men are coming to Comixology! Yep, on Wednesday 26 March, you should be able to find Spandex Issues 1 & 2 and The O Men Book 1 on the Comixology app/website! (Unless they get banned by Apple!) Spandex 1 contains commentaries/extras, and 2 is a whopping 70 pages long as it also includes the ‘Japandex’ project, featuring work from Philippa Rice, Paul Rainey, Roger Mason and lots more!


Just a little something I put together

Gay superhero talk!

Spandex – and many other gay superheroes – will be discussed in a special talk in Bristol on Sunday 23 February! It’s an event organised by ‘OutStories’ for LGBT History Month – should be worth checking out!

Spandex series review

There’s a lovely review of the Spandex series on the ‘Readers Start Here’ blog – check out the link here – but beware of spoilers (mainly in the imagery) if you haven’t already read the series:

Spandex Special – lovely Broken Frontier review

For some reason, reviews of the Spandex Special have been rolling in this week! I’m not complaining.
This one on the Broken Frontier site is just lovely and brought a tear to my eye. I’m so grateful to Andy Oliver and the Broken Frontier website for all their support over the past few years 🙂

Spandex Special – Gay Comics List review

Hurrah – another good review for the Spandex Special! This is a lovely piece, nicely considered, thoughtfully illustrated and the Gay Comics List website is really worth a look. I’ve really enjoyed all of Francois’ reviews of the Spandex series. It’s here:

Spandex Special review in Comic Heroes

I only just saw this when I was browsing in Forbidden Planet last night – wasn’t expecting it at all! – but a nice review of the Spandex Special in the new Comic Heroes Magazine (by Future Publishing). The mag seems to have more reviews, previews and info these days and looks like a great read, by the way! Highly recommended.

Comics In Greece interview!

The ‘Comics in Greece’ website have interviewed me about my comics! What is Spandex #3 really about? Why did I invent the character, Critique? And what’s coming up in the worlds of Spandex, O Men and Class? Find out here: