New art!

Nigel Dobbyn has been busy again, rendering Spandex characters in his own excellent style! This time he’s drawn Grr’nn, who makes her debut in Spandex 7? Who is she? Find out in the issue!

You can see Nigel’s excellent work here!

Spandex 7 – the first review!

The first review of Spandex #7, and it’s a good ‘un! It’s on the Geek Syndicate website!
‘The best indie comic of the year by far and one of the best comic books in general.’

Spandex Black & White Day 3!

It’s James Bend! Shaken and stirred!
This is by my buddy Rob Wells who creates comedy comics under the publishing banner Crisp Biscuit Comics. If you fancy a laugh, check out his stuff at his website –  Rob just started drawing a brand new series called Department of the Peculiar, which is written by indie comics legend Rol Hirst – highly recommended by me! Rob did an extra James Bend piccie that I’ll be showing later on.
Incidentally, if you’d like to take part in Spandex Black & White, you’d be most welcome! I’ll be showing the 16 portraits that appear in the mini-artbook, but I can show more! Just drop me a line,