Huge review on Existential Ennui

Mr Nick Jones has written a lovely overview of Spandex 7 – very nicely put together – on his blog site, Existential Ennui! Check it out – but be warned, if you haven’t read Spandex 6 and 7, there are spoilers!

Spandex Black & White Day Six

This is Indigo by my friend Yoshi Okubo. If you’ve seen me at my table at a London comic con this year, you may have seen him there with me – he helps me a lot.
Originally from Tokyo, Yoshi now works in London as a graphic designer, but his big passion is photography. His photos are incredible – stark, sometimes shocking, but often beautiful. He has a unique perspective on things. I’m looking forward to seeing his works at big exhibitions in the future.
I love this photo – it’s like something from an epic movie.
You can see Yoshi’s work at